"T's college Kinki Daigaku Mae", International share dormitory in front of Kinki univ. ,for students only, included meal , located in Osaka

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Do not hesitate to ask If there is anything you would like to know regarding to reference data or a reservation the flat before a pass .

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Please proceed to the registration after confirming the instruction of the following personal information . we use the personal information that we took for the answer about the inquiry and a contact . we do not offer the information to a third party unless there is the agreement of a customer or it is based on laws and ordinances. we may entrust with all or a part of the personal information.

We only accept disclosure by the request from a customer in personally . I would like the windows such as disclosure and a complaint, the consultation to the following.

The offer of the personal information is optional, but we may not answer to your question when there are omissions of entry.

T's COLLEGE Kinki Daigaku Mae

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Room    Meal plan    Sharing    Floor map     Garally   Resident's Voice    Access    Detail    Request

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